TRANSMUTED cover reveal and pre-order link!

TRANSMUTED is now available for ebook pre-order! The release date is July 15th and a paperback will also be available. Get it today so it will automatically be sent to your Kindle.

Her doctor is giving her the body of his dreams…and her nightmares.

Isa is a micro-celebrity who rarely shows her face, and can’t wait to have it expertly ripped off and rearranged to look more feminine. When a successful fundraiser makes her gender affirming surgery possible, she’s overjoyed—until she has to give up all her money to save her dying father.

Crushed by gender dysphoria and the pressure of disappointing her fans who paid for a new face, she answers a sketchy ad seeking transgender women for a free, experimental feminization treatment. The grotesquely flawless Dr. Skurm has gruesome methods, but he gets unbelievable results, and Isa is finally feeling comfortable in her skin. She even gains the courage to ask out her crush: an alluring and disfigured alchemy-obsessed artist named Rayna.

But Isa’s body won’t stop changing, and she’s going from super model to super mutant. She has to discover the secret behind her metamorphosis—before the changes are irreversible, and she’s an unwanted freak forever.

TRANSMUTED is an outrageous and unapologetically queer body horror tale that will leave you gasping, giggling, and gagging for more.

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TRANSMUTED found a publisher!

I have some good writing news 🙂 . My book TRANSMUTED is going to be published with Unnerving Books as a part of their Rewind or Die series. Rewind or Die is a fun series of horror novellas with the feel of 80s-90s VHS horror films, but a modern twist. My TRANSMUTED is a trans body horror book inspired by the symbolism of alchemy. It’s a very raw, gross, queer, and outrageous book and I hope you will love it. Brace yourself!


Interview on Fright Girl Winter

I was interviewed by Sonora Taylor for Women in Horror Month for the online book festival Fright Girl Winter. It gets pretty saucy and esoteric!

“…many people use the ideas of good/evil people and entities to create meaning and structure in their lives through religion, fiction, and other belief systems. I believe this is a false, and ultimately fascist, dichotomy that needs to go.”

– Me from the interview 🙂

Check out the interview here!


Free Books! Multi-author Giveaways

My book The Supposed Conjuring of the Cornfield Creeps is a part of two huge book giveaway promotions this month. A group of horror and thriller writers have gotten together to give away free bo oks, short stories and sample chapters, in exchange for joining their email list. I downloaded a bunch of them, and based on the first few pages I’ve included a preliminary recommendation for each promo. But I’m sure there are other good I missed, so please click the links below to see if anything catches your eye. Both giveaways end in mid-January, so get to them while you can!

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. My book is still available for free here


The nuckelavee is a fearsome sea monster found on Scotland’s Northern Isles that, when on land, has been described as humanoid rider fused with a horse, skinless with black blood coursing through yellow veins. Its breath wilts crops and is responsible for epidemics and drought. Image: michael221 on Deviant Art CC-BY-SA


Rusalkas are water spirits from Slavic folklore, who appear as a pretty young girls with long hair. In some versions of lore, Rusalkas are the souls of drowned women or unclean spirits who lure men into water, and drown them by entangling their body with their long red hair. Image: Ivan Bilibin


After witnessing a mesmerist induce a trance, Edgar Allan Poe included it in his story The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar. In the tale, a dying man is put into a trance and able to speak and move his “swollen black tongue” after death. The tale was written like a medical case study.

At the time, Poe was a journalist and the story was taken as a news report, never being explicitly presented as fiction. It was even reprinted in London’s Sunday Times with the headline: Mesmerism in America: Astounding and Horrifying Narrative, helping legitimize and popularize mesmerism.

Source is Occult America by Mitch Horowitz. It’s a fantastic read, and highly recommended!


Mahr bin Hafaf is a jinn from India who would make wine and convince men to drink. He’d encourage them to play harps, lie, murder, and commit all sorts of other sins. King Solomon ordered him to be bound with chains. From Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing, 18th century. ⠀


Aicha Kandicha is a camel-footed jinn from Moroccan folklore, who appears as a beautiful woman and lures men into the desert to kill them. Theories of her origin range from a Phoenician Fertility deity, a real noble woman, and even an anti-colonial resistance fighter.


The demon Marbas or Barbas is a great president who commands 36 legions of demons. He appears as either a lion or a man. He brings and cures disease, knows secrets and hidden things, transmogrifies people, and teaches about the mechanical arts and handicrafts. Image: 72goetia.com