An illustration of a witches sabbath with the Devil seated in the center from Laurent Bordelon’s satirical work A History of the Ridiculous Extravagancies of Monsieur Oufle, 1710. Similar to Don Quixote, the titular character reads too many books, in this case books on “Magick, the Black-Art, Daemoniacks, Conjurers, Witches etc”, and it rots his brain, causing him to have fantastic delusions. Image: University of Glasgow Library. Full French text:

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Interview on Fright Girl Winter

I was interviewed by Sonora Taylor for Women in Horror Month for the online book festival Fright Girl Winter. It gets pretty saucy and esoteric!

“…many people use the ideas of good/evil people and entities to create meaning and structure in their lives through religion, fiction, and other belief systems. I believe this is a false, and ultimately fascist, dichotomy that needs to go.”

– Me from the interview 🙂

Check out the interview here!