Free Books! Multi-author Giveaways

My book The Supposed Conjuring of the Cornfield Creeps is a part of two huge book giveaway promotions this month. A group of horror and thriller writers have gotten together to give away free bo oks, short stories and sample chapters, in exchange for joining their email list. I downloaded a bunch of them, and based on the first few pages I’ve included a preliminary recommendation for each promo. But I’m sure there are other good I missed, so please click the links below to see if anything catches your eye. Both giveaways end in mid-January, so get to them while you can!

Gothic Giveaway

Recommended: There’s No Such Thing as Monsters: Gas Lamp Faeries Series

Giggling While I Shiver: An All-Genre Giveaway for Funny Mystery, Suspense, and Horror

Recommended: Girl’s Guide to Voodoo Bounty Hunting