Demons and Jinn


Gamigin is a marquis who rules thirty legions of lesser demons. With his necromantic powers, he revives the souls of the dead who were drowned at sea or stuck in purgatory. The souls appear into airy, non-physical bodies, where they can be questioned. #FolkloreThursday⠀


Rahovart is a companion of Satan and tormentor of humans. He causes avalanches and possesses the elderly. If you die while possessed by him, your soul is collected into his basket where you will stay until Judgement Day. Image: Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863⠀

The Demons of Pleiades

The constellation Pleiades is personified by seven sisters in many mythologies. In Solomonic lore, it’s the demons Klothod and her sisters: Deception, Strife, Jealousy, Power, Error, and “The Worst”. Solomon bound them and forced them to dig his temple’s foundation. #MythologyMonday⠀


The Nikar or Nicor are water monsters in Scandinavian, Teutonic and Saxon mythology who drown people. They’re descendants of mer-people and the Nixies (benevolent water spirits). The Nikar or Nicor are water-monsters in Scandinavian, Teutonic, and Saxon mythology. They drown and torment fishermen, tip over their boats, and create adverse weather. They’re descendants of merpeople and the Nixies (benevolent water spirits). Image: Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863⠀

Al-Qit al-Aswad

Al-Qit al-Aswad (Black Cat) is a jinn, best known for helping sorcerers, who summon him to use his many powers. He gives visions and future-telling dreams, reveals secret knowledge, and protects people from attacks and harmful energies.⠀

House Jinn

Jinn prefer dwelling in deserted places like ruins or graveyards, but a corner of your house or your bathroom will do as well. While some jinn will guard your house, others will cause trouble. So it’s best to leave offerings, say prayers, and salt the corners. #FolkloreThursday ⠀


Barbatos is one of the 72 Spirits of Solomon with the titles of count, earl, and possibly duke. He rules over 30 legions of lesser demons. He has an entourage of troops, and even 4 kings, who accompany him. He can teach the language of animals (dogs, birds, cattle), and find hidden enchanted treasure. Before he fell from heaven, he was a part of the angelic Order of Virtues. Image: Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863⠀


Barsafael is a demon, mentioned in the grimoire The Testament of Solomon, who has the power to inflict migraines. He can be imprisoned by the angel Gabriel. Art by Eve Harms (me!)⠀


Bifrons is a demonic earl that commands either 26 or 6 legions depending on the source referenced. He can teleport the dead and cause candles to apparently light near corpses. He teaches astrology and geometry. Image: Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863⠀


Balam is the 51st demon in the Goetia and a king who commands 40 legions. He rides a bear and is described as having three heads (bull, man, ram), a serpents tail instead of legs, and flames for eyes. This description differs from his depiction in the Dictionnaire Infernal below.⠀


Nymgarraman is a demon of disease, and one of the servants of the demon king Bilet. He can inflict fever and trembling, and is usually called by conjurers for revenge.⠀
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Stolas is a demonic prince who commands 26 legions of lesser spirits. He teaches astronomy and knows about the worth of all herbs and precious stones. He can appear as either a nightraven (a old term for an owl) or a man. Image: Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863⠀