Recent Appearances

Here are some of my recent appearances on podcasts, panels, readings, and interviews!


Mothers of Mayhem: An Extreme Horror Podcast

“In this episode Marian chats it up with members of the Queer Horror Community as they discuss the fact that anybody can be a shitty ass serial killer regardless of who they like to diddle. We’re kicking off Pride Month with one helluva fucking BANG. FEATURED GUESTS: Eve Harms, Mick Collins, Dylan Mottaz, Angelique Jordonna, Rowland Bercy Jr”

Brother Ghoulish’s Tomb

“I’m excited to welcome writer Eve Harms onto the Tomb to discuss her trans body horror Transmuted. Please check out the following link for more info on the book and to learn more about the author”

Ghoulish Podcast

“Eve Harms (author of Transmuted) knows a lot about alchemy, which is why we got together for the latest episode of GHOULISH to talk about a man who once boiled 1,200 gallons of piss.”

Cursed Morsels

“Eve and I talk about the limits of what science can teach us, do a competitive bracket to determine the best body horror movie of all time, and discuss the complexity and joy of gender identity exploration.”


Ghoulish Book Fest – DIY Horror

“The inaugural Ghoulish Book Festival occurred in downtown San Antonio, TX on April 30th and May 1st. If you missed it, do not fear. The panels were recorded and will be released through the podcast—including today’s episode of GHOULISH, which features Brian Asman as our moderator and Tom Deady, Jay Wilburn, Eve Harms, and Cynthia Pelayo as our panelists for a discussion about DIY horror.”


Gretchen Felker-Martin, Eve Harms, Hailey Piper – Arcade Asylum author series

The Arcade Asylum weird fiction author series, sponsored by the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council, has been traditionally held in the historic Providence Arcade. As we work through the Covid pandemic, we are resurrecting the series with remote / zoom editions.

This edition features these three amazing authors: Gretchen Felker-Martin, Eve Harms, Hailey Piper

Blog Interviews

Ladies of Horror Fiction: Teresa Visits the 1st Ever Ghoulish Festival

Teresa interviewed me as a part of her write up on the Ghoulish Book Festival. Check it out

Queer Art & Conventional Discomfort; in dialogue with Gretchen Felker-Martin, Hailey Piper, and Eve Harms

Despina Durand interviewed Gretchen Felker-Martin, Hailey Piper, and I in a supplemental interview for the Arcade Asylum Virtual Authors Readings series. Check it out

Gwendolyn Kiste: Women in Horror Month Roundtable Series

I was a part of Kiste’s round table discussion series on different topics around women in horror.

Fright Girl Winter – Ask the Author: Eve Harms

Sonora Taylor interviewed me about writing Transmuted for Fright Girl Winter’s Ask the Author series. Check it out

Horror Writers Association – A Point of Pride: Interview with Eve Harms

Sumiko Saulson interviewed me for Pride Month 2021. Check it out